Towanna Stone is known for her commercial and industrial on-camera work.  She acted for the stage and studied under Deborah Anderson and Tina Van Horn before graduating with a B.S. in Broadcast Performance and a Minor in Theatre Performance. She was then crowned Miss TN USA 1997 and Second Runner Up to Miss USA before moving to NYC to work there in the commercial and modeling community, which propelled her on-camera work and secured her numerous regional, national and international clients. (View Résumé)  Upon her return to the South, she studied long form improv with Relapse Theatre, Stanislavski, Adler, and Meisner techniques with The Company Acting Studio and Actors Co-Op. She loves drama and lives for comedy. While continuing to work as on-camera talent Towanna had the unique opportunity to work at two successful talent agencies in Atlanta spearheading lucrative print divisions.


She is an advocate for actors and models making an impact in the industry through professionalism, expertise and education. She successfully promotes and develops talent, liaises between media clients and talent, casts independent film and TV projects and privately coaches and teaches commercial acting and confidence development. She currently works and travels as a corporate, industrial, live and event host. Those interested in having Towanna host an event or workshop or judge a talent competition in your city, please contact for booking information.

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Stone: Journal Writer. Music Lover. Sea Sailor.


Hey there! So…I was 8 years old when I wrote in my first journal that I wanted to act, sing, and model.  Since then I've written and filled nearly 50 journals, co-written full length feature films and TV pilots with Force of Nature Productions and as it turns out I should’ve added writing to that list! There's something soothing about putting pen to paper on a beautifully hand crafted journal that I’ve loved since I was a kid.


Even though I knew quite early what I wanted to do, it took me some years to work up the courage to perform, but when I did, things fell into place for me. Acting along with print & runway modeling took off when I was 15. It was trial by fire and I loved it! I've worked in other parts of the industry; teaching commercial acting privately and on the collegiate level and I've fallen in love with photography.  However, no matter what new thing I'm learning or trying out, I always go back to performance whether it's acting, on-camera and live hosting or singing because communication and music are loves of mine. As a kid I used to stand in front of my grandma's dressing table mirror and read aloud the Reader's Digest front to back e-nun-c-i-a-ting my words and pretending I was Oprah. (I haven’t given up the dream of hosting my own show yet, either…) There wasn't a lot to do in the small town I grew up in and I was good at occupying myself devouring books, teaching my imaginary and sometimes real students (my little sister and crew were real troopers) and acting out my made up stories. The arts have been an essential way for me to connect with people and learn about myself in the process. Working on camera or live and coaching models & actors is when I feel happiest and most tapped in, so I’m thankful to be able to do this every day.



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